Friday, March 29, 2013

Powertalk: Be Consistently Aggressive

These are my personal notes, realizations and actions from the talk given by Bo Sanchez to Truly Rich Club Members.

Aggressive about the dreams and goals in life.
Lazy hands make a man poor.

One reason why many Filipinos are poor is because we are not aggressive. We are aggressive to achieve our dreams and goals in Life.

There are five things that rob us of our aggressiveness:
1. Ashendero Complex.
2. Bahala na Attitude (Fatalistic)
3. Lotto Mindset
4. Manna Habit (Procrastination)
5. Crab mentality

How to become Aggressive
1. The Law of clarity "You have to clear about your dreams" know what you want.
2. The Law of focus. "You have to focus on one thing in your life"
3. Law of Intensity.
4. Law of Action.
5. Law of Hussle. "Looking for the open door" not giving up until you reached your goal.
6. Law of Gestation.
7. Law of Integrity. 'Time of waiting"
8. Law of Integrity.

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I realize that I have the very opportunity to achieve the goals I set for my life. I must then be able to develop an aggressive attitude. I must work for my success and not wait for success come to me. I will stop blaming the government or other people why I did not achieve the goals I set for myself. And that failure is a good opportunity to learn.

I also realize that the difference between an achiever and a non-achiever is their aggressiveness.

It has been almost five years that I always set aside my online marketing job, I have a lot of valid reasons of not concentrating on it. And when I saw my colleagues in the Online Mentoring Club earning 6-7 digits. I was inspired and commit to fulfill my goal in internet marketing.
I will now slowly eliminate my Bahala na Attitude and Manna Habit. These are the thing I see why I was not able to hit my goal.

This is the reason why I am thankful of being a Truly Rich Club member. Whenever I listen to Bo Sanchez powertalks it reminds and push me to my goal.

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  1. This Powertalk "Powertalk: Be Consistently Aggressive" is one of the best of Bro. Bo Sanchez.

    - Red @ Truly Rich Club Review

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