Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bonus Day: Wealth Summit 2013 of the Truly Rich Club

The Bonus day of the Wealth Summit of the Truly Rich Club was phenomenal.

It was first time to join the PICC feast, although we already experienced Kerygma Feast in Davao.
Wisdom giving is the very thing of the third day. It is when you share something of value. Something that would impact the life of others long term.

Wisdom Giving

Hence, I am sharing my wonderful experiences of truly rich club and my personal journey to have more wisdom and be able to share this wisdom to others, so they too will be transformed to greatness.

The very thing that I got and is welling to put to action on that Bonus day of the wealth summit of the truly rich club is to give your wisdom. Since upon realizations I don't have at the moment any particular thing to share. I have come-up to share my personal growth and learning from the truly rich club.

The other thing is to value the customers. As Bo Sanchez was sharing the business card thing.  Hence, we have decided to make a weekly promo of greeting our customers on their birthdays. From the list of birthdays for that week we choose one and give him/her a grocery gift worth 50 pesos and a 3% discount on all items purchase on the day of his/her birthday. Since we own a little grocery store along the Public terminal of Polomolok South Cotabato. Tomorrow March 10, is the first time we will do these so we don't really know what will the reactions of the customers. We are hoping then that these will increase our sales.

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