Friday, March 29, 2013

Powertalk: Be Consistently Aggressive

These are my personal notes, realizations and actions from the talk given by Bo Sanchez to Truly Rich Club Members.

Aggressive about the dreams and goals in life.
Lazy hands make a man poor.

One reason why many Filipinos are poor is because we are not aggressive. We are aggressive to achieve our dreams and goals in Life.

There are five things that rob us of our aggressiveness:
1. Ashendero Complex.
2. Bahala na Attitude (Fatalistic)
3. Lotto Mindset
4. Manna Habit (Procrastination)
5. Crab mentality

How to become Aggressive
1. The Law of clarity "You have to clear about your dreams" know what you want.
2. The Law of focus. "You have to focus on one thing in your life"
3. Law of Intensity.
4. Law of Action.
5. Law of Hussle. "Looking for the open door" not giving up until you reached your goal.
6. Law of Gestation.
7. Law of Integrity. 'Time of waiting"
8. Law of Integrity.

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I realize that I have the very opportunity to achieve the goals I set for my life. I must then be able to develop an aggressive attitude. I must work for my success and not wait for success come to me. I will stop blaming the government or other people why I did not achieve the goals I set for myself. And that failure is a good opportunity to learn.

I also realize that the difference between an achiever and a non-achiever is their aggressiveness.

It has been almost five years that I always set aside my online marketing job, I have a lot of valid reasons of not concentrating on it. And when I saw my colleagues in the Online Mentoring Club earning 6-7 digits. I was inspired and commit to fulfill my goal in internet marketing.
I will now slowly eliminate my Bahala na Attitude and Manna Habit. These are the thing I see why I was not able to hit my goal.

This is the reason why I am thankful of being a Truly Rich Club member. Whenever I listen to Bo Sanchez powertalks it reminds and push me to my goal.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Powertalk: Find Your Emotional Why.

A talk Finding your emotional WHY, shared by Bo Sanchez to the Truly Rich Club members.

My Personal Notes of the talk.

You can change anything in our life. One reason why you cannot achieve our goal? Because you have not found a powerful emotional WHY. WHY=Hunger. You dream  of earning 100,000 pesos a month, but month after month. Year after Year. you are stock on the same income. The reason is: YOU have not found your emotional WHY.
     Wealth is not money. it is love, service and relationship.

My Realizations:

        I realize that earning my dream income of 150,000 a month by December 2014 is not impossible. I just got to have these powerful WHY that hunger. And believe that nothing-nothing is impossible. people who living the life of their dream have a very powerful reason why they have to achieve their dream. Our reasons should be beyond our selves.

My Actions:
  I have created my powerful emotional WHY. I read it everyday to remind me of the dream I have to achieve.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Truly Rich Club Powertalk: Create your Wealth Belief

A talk given by Bo Sanchez shared to all Truly Rich Club members. As a Truly Rich Club member, here some of my personal notes, realizations and actions.

      "Everything I need comes to me" is a word of Tita Julies of Julies Bakeshop. These is an example of a wealth belief.

     Beliefs that will bring blessings and abundance. Our habits or beliefs are a thousand times more powerful than our desires or decisions. Why? because beliefs are controlled by unconscious mind while desires/decisions are controlled by unconscious mind.

     Setting your goal is an activity of the conscious mind.
     Achieving your goal is an activity of the unconscious mind.
     These got to be automatic. The reason that many are not successful is not because of external factors the reason why your not successful is because of your beliefs.

Power of Brain.
     Our brain is composed to 100 billion neurons. Imagine the whole telephone network all over the world put it all together it cannot compare to one neuron of our brain. The brain is capable of 10 quadrillion operation in 1 second. Every single second 10 million cells die in our body in our hair, skin, organs, etc. and every single second also 10 million cells are created. Who manages these operation? The unconscious memorizes 10 million operations per second and it memorizes it forever. These is how powerful our brain is.

Four Steps to rewire our belief
1. Write a clear vision and emotional WHY?
2. Write a new belief that support your vision.
3. Three times a day imagine your vision and declare your beliefs.
4. Make a vision reminders example a dream journal.

    I realize that one of the determining factors of success is our beliefs. We got to have a belief that brings blessing and abundance. Our brain is so powerful that a lot of its strength were unused by us and it  has the capability to have a powerful beliefs. We must believe in our capabilities and in our dreams. And we should always seek inputs to help us rewire our beliefs. For me staying in the Truly Rich Club is one of a very important means in exposing me to ways that will change my wealth beliefs.
    I also realize that possibilities are endless if we put our hearts and mind to it.

1. As a wife I will from now on support my husband in his endeavor and not making him focus on the different hindrances. I will be open minded in discussing to him the advantages and disadvantages of a certain projects.

2. As a member of the society, I will give an encouragement and strong belief to all people that I meet that they too can be successful. because maybe some of them also need  the said push from someone.

3. I will say these to myself every morning: "Everything I need comes to me"

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Control Your Cash

Control your cash is a powertalks shared to all Truly Rich Club Members.
 These are my personal notes from the talk.
          If then you have been faithful of worldly wealth, how can you be trusted with true wealth?

          Learn from the ants who labor hard all summer so that there is food for winter.

          Bo Sanchez shares 4 steps on How to control your cash.
             1. Stop Borrowing.
             2. Protect your assets.
             3. Live on 70% of your income.
             4. Set aside 30% or more for special fund.
                            - Freedom fund 6.66% paying your debt in advance
                            - Emergency Fund 6.66% (until you reach an amount equal to 3-6 months of your salary)
                            - Wealth Fund 6.66%  if you finished paying your debt and reached a savings
                                      equal to 3-6 months of your salary , transfer these allocations to the wealth fund.
                            - Tithe 10%
I am grateful for being a member of the Truly Rich Club to have these opportunity to be reminded of the best thing to do. Especially on our finances.


      I haven't really was able to control my cash. Although I could say that I tithe and have my wealth fund and is religiously paying my debt. In a rate of 1-10 in controlling my cash, I will give myself a rate of 4. At these very moment I have an accumulated debt  of 181,600.00.

      A system like the percentage distribution of your income is very necessary so I can keep track of my own progress and using that percentage distribution I can allocate funds to all areas. I keep on withdrawing my emergency fund so I wasn't really able to reached an amount equal to my 3-6 months salary. Being a member of the Truly Rich Club is another thing that I realize that help me through.


1. I looked for my old notebook, since allocating my  money like the one above advised is already practiced by me. however, I just stopped it when I went abroad for 3 months for  a scholarship because I was able to borrow large amount of money for my transportation and leave me with a very small net take home pay. And now I am motivated to do it all over again. So wish me luck.

2. from now on I will stop borrowing. Any form of borrowing I will now avoid so I can slowly eliminate my six digit debt.

3. I will allocate 4 hours a day for the creation of my other passive income. Like the one I am doing now.

4. Upgrade my membership of the Truly Rich Club to a diamond.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Part 2. Create Money Machines: Truly Rich Club Powertalks

Bo Sanchez says that their are 2 elements of Financial wealth, First the mindset to create money and the ability to create money. If for example all the wealth in the world will be confiscated and then it will be equally  distributed to all people. After five years there is only one thing that will happen, all these money will go back to those originally have them because they are the people who have the mindset and the ability to create money.

Being a member of the Truly Rich Club has given me the mindset to create money. That having wealth is not a contest that only those who arrive first will have it. It gives me the mindset that their is wealth for everyone who is willing to work for it.

Money machines comes in two kinds. First is manual, where you exchange your time for money. I can say that I have a manual money machines. My salary is a manual money machine, as long as I go to work everyday. I can always have my salary. The second type of money machine is automatic. Like paper asset such as the Philippine Stock market.  These automatic form of making money is the one that will bring you fortune, there is no limit to its capacity. Money is the one working, money doesn't take a vacation. It works 24/7.

One of the privileges of a Truly Rich Club member is you got a weekly update of the Philippine stock market. It is through the Truly Rich Club that I go to investing in the Philippine stock market. Why is these automatic? The money that I invested in the Philippine stock market is the one working for me. It bring back dividends which I used to invest again.

The other money machine I have is from my affiliate sale from the Truly Rich Club. Just these February 2013, I got my first Truly Rich Club commission of 5,000 pesos I was so happy. I just invited people to join the club. And as long as they continue to pay every single month, I always get commission every single month. Isn't that great to make money online?

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Money Machines: Truly Rich Club Powertalk (Part 1)

The powertalks are one of the wonderful gifts given to the Truly Rich Club members.

Bo Sanchez talks about money machines. he said that a friend of him shared that their are two types of people. First when man works for money. And second when money works for man. 

When man is working for money. He exchanges his time, effort and resources for money. 

In my own status now, i would say that I am working for money. I exchange my very precious time for money. I worked as an ecology teacher in one of the Govt State university which is 6 hours commute from my family and worst the transportation is only available at day time because it is dangerous at night time. But despite of these I still opt to work because they are giving me a good salary and I enjoy teaching my students. It gives me so much fulfillment when I see them learning.

However, despite of these good condition. I still dream and is working my dreams forward to the second type of person, where enough money will be working for me so I can live a life of freedom. 

When money works for man it means, the person has reached a certain stage where he can do the things he wanted to do in life. Its is his money that works for the man to give him more of what he already has.

It has been my great desire to reach to a point that I have enough money that works for me to give me more money. So I can have freedom. I can join family gatherings or initiate family gatherings without fear of not being allowed for a leave from work. I can be with the people I love without fearing of not having enough money to enjoy with them.

So where I am in achieving these goal?

I save. I set aside 1,600 peso per month to be invested in the stock market. The guidance I have from the Truly Rich Club has brought me to the world of Stock Market.. And my investing has never been made these profitable. One of the stock market shares I bought early on in my investing has earned my already 60 percent growth. 

The thing that I journey with my self is eliminating all forms of debt, that I accumulate when I wasn't that financially literate. Thanks to the Truly Rich Club who enhances my financial literacy. Eliminating debt will eventually increase my net take home pay from my recent job and these will give me more money to invest in the stock market.

I will be upgrading my membership of the Truly Rich Club from a Gold member to a Diamond EntrepCircle To increase my wisdom on how to make money work for me..

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Stock Market Investment

My journey in investing in the Philippine stock market through the Truly Rich Club. When Bo released his book my maid invested in the stock market. I was very inspired. (For those who want the copy, just leave a comment and I will email it to you.)

I then downloaded the COL opening an account form. It took me three months before I was able to send my account application to COL office. Because I have to save 5,000 pesos for the initial deposit. And since then I am regularly investing in the stock market.

As Edward Lee the founder of COL financials always emphasize that the turtle always wins. The secret in the stock market investing is to invest regularly whether its a bear or bull market. Lee said that they that stock market is their Job, they cannot beat the turtle.

In my two years of investing in the stock market. I can say that I am very happy with the growth of my money. One very particular example is the share I bought in Metrobank last July 2011 is worth 72.85 per share but now it has rise to 118.20 per share. Now I am enjoying 50.5% growth. Who could not not be happy with these? in the span of a year and a half, the growth is phenomenal.

There are times when the going gets tough... Just keep on investing just keep on investing...

I am now making my stock market investments a serious business. My goal for these year to achieve 150,000 pesos without being a miser for myself.

I would really credit my stock market investing from the guidance I got from the Truly Rich Club led by Bro. Bo Sanchez. Thank Bro...

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tithing Journey

Before I even become a member of the Truly Rich Club, I have been tithing. Back in 2006, when I am pursuing my masters degree, I am making ends meet. I am very eager to find a part-time job to augment my allowance for my studies. On one occasion I was on my cousins room I grab a book entitled Health and Home. Then open a page at randomly it lead me to the story about the man named "Colgate" it stresses the tithing habit of the man and how God blesses him that almost every store has his name on it. I was so moved by his story.

Since then I am patiently tithing. And my belief of the fruits of tithing increased when I become a member of the Truly Rich Club where Bo Sanchez stresses always that Tithing is not for God because God is the owner of everything. It is for the very person tithing. Because when one tithes he creates a space to be filled with more.

Indeed I can say the wonders of tithing. I can still remember back in my Masteral days my 10% is only 150 pesos. These is an allowance for being a student assistant in the Graduate School. I usually receive my allowance on Thursday afternoon and when Sunday comes the only money left is 150 pesos. But still despite of that I close my eyes and give my rightful tithes. During my whole time when I was studying away from home, God always provides my need. At that time my prayer is that my monthly allowance will be my tithe in the next year or 2. And indeed God Hears me. I was hired in a Government State University. After three years in the service I was then promoted to a higher pay. God is very good all the time.


There are times when things are tough. But the wealth strategies and God whispers I receive from the Truly Rich Club has keep me going.

And until these very day tithing has become a lifeblood. My prayer is that my gross salary today will be my tithe in a year or two. That these will make me even more Generous not only with my money but with my time, ideas and appreciation to others.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Save First, Save Second

Save, save, save, save

As Bo Sanchez advised in one of the Wealth Strategies sent t the Truly Rich Club members.

Save First, Save Second

Importance of saving

Bo emphasize the 70/30 rule. Live on the 70% of your income while the 30% will be broken down into 10% tithe, 10% emergency fund, and 10% for future fund.

In my case I am a teacher in one of the state university of the Philippines. being single at the time when I first practice these rules of 70/30 as advised in the Truly Rich Club. I tithe. I set-up an emergency fund savings account which unfortunately always run-out every time my salary is not enough for other stuff.
The other 10% is being invested in the Philippine stock market. being a teacher of Ecology, Stock market is not in my vocabulary. but anyway with so much confidence from Bo Sanchez. I downloaded the COL form for opening an account. being Truly Rich Club member we always got stock updates when to buy and when to sell. Even if I don't know anything that happening in the Philippine stock market, I just invest. And is not enjoy looking at the growth of my investments. Although I'm still far from the seven digit figures, I know that I'm on my way.

By the way yesterday I talked about the promo we had in our grocery store, the first winner was soo happy. She never though of receiving a gift on her birthday.. When I have a faster internet connection which is happening very soon maybe next week I will make a facebook page for our grocery store so the winners will be posted every single week.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bonus Day: Wealth Summit 2013 of the Truly Rich Club

The Bonus day of the Wealth Summit of the Truly Rich Club was phenomenal.

It was first time to join the PICC feast, although we already experienced Kerygma Feast in Davao.
Wisdom giving is the very thing of the third day. It is when you share something of value. Something that would impact the life of others long term.

Wisdom Giving

Hence, I am sharing my wonderful experiences of truly rich club and my personal journey to have more wisdom and be able to share this wisdom to others, so they too will be transformed to greatness.

The very thing that I got and is welling to put to action on that Bonus day of the wealth summit of the truly rich club is to give your wisdom. Since upon realizations I don't have at the moment any particular thing to share. I have come-up to share my personal growth and learning from the truly rich club.

The other thing is to value the customers. As Bo Sanchez was sharing the business card thing.  Hence, we have decided to make a weekly promo of greeting our customers on their birthdays. From the list of birthdays for that week we choose one and give him/her a grocery gift worth 50 pesos and a 3% discount on all items purchase on the day of his/her birthday. Since we own a little grocery store along the Public terminal of Polomolok South Cotabato. Tomorrow March 10, is the first time we will do these so we don't really know what will the reactions of the customers. We are hoping then that these will increase our sales.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The 2nd day of the 2013 Wealth Summit of the Truly Rich Club

The 2nd day was awesome. The Internet superheroes was really to look up to. They are still very young on their twenties yet earning seven digits online. The burning fire within me was once again ignited since last 2008 I joined Jomar Hilarios Online Internet Mentoring. But along the line I just lost my momentum, hearing their stories of the internet superheroes of the wealth summit of the Truly Rich Club  was so human they also go thru the same battle as what I have encountered the only difference is that they persevere. And these lead me to persevere also... as what I am doing now..making post everyday.. no excuses..

Talking about affiliate marketing, so far I have a very humble accomplishment. just these February 2013, I receive my first ever affiliate marketing income on my bank account. Despite all the difficulties of having a slow internet connections and very frequent brownouts. I was able to gain a little amount from inviting friends, colleagues and unknown individual from the internet to join the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. These earnings also motivate me to do more of what I am doing.

Do More

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our first day at the Wealth Summit 2013

The first day was great, upon our arrival to the hall we are greeted by superheroes. the usherettes are on a superhero costumes.

Before the whole conference started a morning worship was led by Mike Vinas.

The first speaker was Bro. Bo Sanchez sharing about "How to Become a Superhero of Abundance". He emphasizes that God wants us to be superheroes that there is ultimately nothing wrong to be rich. To be a superhero there are skills to master. First is learn how to produce wealth and reproduce wealth.

There are two types of wealth generators the hunters and the ranchers. the hunters: hunt food and feast, hunt and feast.... The ranchers: hunt, consumes some and keep some.

The next speaker is Miriam Quiambao, it was  my first time to see the 1999 Ms. Universe 1st runner-up in person. She is very tall and pretty. She talks about her life, about how did she fall and rise again in all areas of her life. In fact on her talk I knew that she was ones an active member of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon of which I also once served.

The MLM guests are very inspiring especially Ivy of USANA she worked her way up. She further emphasizes to focus on the rewards and not on the obstacles.

The mid afternoon talk is about how to have a Superhero Career. One must have the burning passion and purpose, involvement, humility and shared responsibility.

The Billionaire Edward Lee also share his simple formula to abundance. Income-investments=expenses.

By the first day alone I am filled by awesomeness of the speakers, they are superheroes on their field. It made me realize that they too are also human beings with two arms and legs. And is given the same amount of time as what is given to me. I am very privileged to be with and surrounded by superheroes and to be member of the Truly Rich Club.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Attendance to the Wealth Summit 2013

The Wealth Summit 2013.

I and my husband attended the wealth Summit 2013 last march 1-3 at PICC Manila.The summit was very enriching. The main theme is Becoming a Superhero of Abundance. We flew all the way from General Santos for the summit.
But before I'm gonna talk about the content of the wealth summit. I would like to briefly say something about my journey in attending the summit. There was an invitation send to my email by Bo Sanchez for the summit the initial cost would only be  14,950 for early registration. At these time we don't have cash on hand since we just got married last December 2012. And we have a burning desire to attend the Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit. Another thing is we don't want to borrow money from money lender since interest is so high. So we decided to do something, we've never done before. We decided to cut a portion of our stock investment. Since we believe that attending the wealth summit has far reaching benefits. Indeed change in my husband mindset is should I say the biggest thing I harvest at the wealth summit.