Friday, March 22, 2013

Truly Rich Club Powertalk: Create your Wealth Belief

A talk given by Bo Sanchez shared to all Truly Rich Club members. As a Truly Rich Club member, here some of my personal notes, realizations and actions.

      "Everything I need comes to me" is a word of Tita Julies of Julies Bakeshop. These is an example of a wealth belief.

     Beliefs that will bring blessings and abundance. Our habits or beliefs are a thousand times more powerful than our desires or decisions. Why? because beliefs are controlled by unconscious mind while desires/decisions are controlled by unconscious mind.

     Setting your goal is an activity of the conscious mind.
     Achieving your goal is an activity of the unconscious mind.
     These got to be automatic. The reason that many are not successful is not because of external factors the reason why your not successful is because of your beliefs.

Power of Brain.
     Our brain is composed to 100 billion neurons. Imagine the whole telephone network all over the world put it all together it cannot compare to one neuron of our brain. The brain is capable of 10 quadrillion operation in 1 second. Every single second 10 million cells die in our body in our hair, skin, organs, etc. and every single second also 10 million cells are created. Who manages these operation? The unconscious memorizes 10 million operations per second and it memorizes it forever. These is how powerful our brain is.

Four Steps to rewire our belief
1. Write a clear vision and emotional WHY?
2. Write a new belief that support your vision.
3. Three times a day imagine your vision and declare your beliefs.
4. Make a vision reminders example a dream journal.

    I realize that one of the determining factors of success is our beliefs. We got to have a belief that brings blessing and abundance. Our brain is so powerful that a lot of its strength were unused by us and it  has the capability to have a powerful beliefs. We must believe in our capabilities and in our dreams. And we should always seek inputs to help us rewire our beliefs. For me staying in the Truly Rich Club is one of a very important means in exposing me to ways that will change my wealth beliefs.
    I also realize that possibilities are endless if we put our hearts and mind to it.

1. As a wife I will from now on support my husband in his endeavor and not making him focus on the different hindrances. I will be open minded in discussing to him the advantages and disadvantages of a certain projects.

2. As a member of the society, I will give an encouragement and strong belief to all people that I meet that they too can be successful. because maybe some of them also need  the said push from someone.

3. I will say these to myself every morning: "Everything I need comes to me"

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