Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Experience in the truly rich club

My experience in the club.

Before I joined the club, I already have the desire to earn more. I was browsing the net on how can I earn more with lesser use of my time.

My reading took me to the website of Bo Sanchez inviting me to join the truly rich club.

I used my mothers credit card twice, however it was also rejected twice. I don't really know why, Then I opted instead of the bank deposits. On my first six months it was amazing.

The club thought me how to invest in the Philippine stock market step-by-step. and right there and then I took the action to invest in the stock market.
Truly Rich Club

The first company I invested includes Ayala land (ALI), metrobank (MBT), Energy development Corporation (EDC). It was a slow growth for a small money. But now I have somewhat grown and has a bigger investment in the stock market. hence, I am inviting you to join the club too, so we can share the same experience.

Lest journey together to gain financial wealth & spiritual abundance at the same time. Join the truly rich club.