Monday, September 24, 2012

Frugalit means to stop impressing other People.

One sure way to save money or to be frugal is to stop impressing other people.

Other people are so busy with themselves that they will not notice your effort in trying to impress them. Or the effort you made is no less different from the effort they are making to impress you. They are so busy with themselves that they will hardly notice that other people are trying to impress them.

In the foreword of Veblens book "The Theory of the leisure Class" as cited in the "Your money or your life" by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez.
"People above the line of base subsistence, in this age and all earlier ages, do not use the surplus, which society has given them, primarily for useful purposes. they do not seek to expand their won lives, to live more wisely, intelligently, understandingly, but to impress other people with the fact that they have a surplus.... spending money, time and effort quite uselessly in the pleasurable business of inflating the ego"

                                           Impressive? Photo source: The Fiesty Life

Once we stop impressing other people we can certainly save a thousand pesos. and see how impressed other people will be with how much we saved.

whenever I make a purchase, I make sure that it will be worth every penny I spend  and will complete enjoy the said purchase like making a full use of it.I dont mind wearing the same pair of dress every monday or every tuesday of the week, what is important for me is that its clean and decent.

Whenever i buy a new pair of dress or any purchase i make, I make sure its not cheap because cheap things are not good and good things are not cheap. The surplus that I make for every month are invested in the stock market.

Investing in the stock market is not easy and is complicated, that is why i got a mentor, thru the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Living way below your means is what it means to be frugal.

Most Millionnire according to the millionnaire next door by stanley, lived a very low profile lifestyle. A lifestyle of a middle class people. Despite the fact that they can afford the most expdensive suit, footwear and vacations. Millionares put a very high regard on budgeting. They are tracking their money to very last centavo that they spend.

Budgeting is a way of life for them, budgeting is simple but not easy. I also am doing my tabulation and tracking down my expenses. It really has a good effect on how I manage my finances its my 3rd month now and i can compare my spending habits from the previous months and where i have adjustments to save first, invest second and spend the third.

I also have a daily alloted money for my daily expenses. I make sure that i dont exceed 50 pesos a day for my expenses for food and transportation at work. Although I have different expenses for food at home because i am living with my student assistant. But nevertheless I make sure I live within the alloted budget for the week.

My awareness of budgeting doesnt come out of nothing. When I join the Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez, I learned some easy ways to hold-on on my spending.

The very first thing I do when I receive my salary is to set aside specific amount for my stock market investment, tithes and savings. And spend the rest.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Frugal Pinay

Frugality is an ancient word which comes from latin root word with frug "virtue" frux "fruit or value", frui "to enjoy or have the use of"

Frugality is enjoying the virtue of getting good value for every minute of your life energy and from everything you have the use of (Robin & Dominguez, Your money or your life).

Its simply being content and enjoy your possessions. If you have five pairs of shoes but feels you still luck one and failed to enjoy the other pair then one is not frugal.Frugal people use something wisely. its about getting a full value of everything that life has to offer.

Frugal people make sure they get value on all purchase from the- kilo of mangoes, to the galloon of ice cream and even a simple beach get away. Waste is not on the  number of our possessions but on our failure to enjoy them.

You dont even have to own something to enjoy it.. you merely have to use it...

Being frugal is right-use or righteous.
It is being able to say that one has enough. Enough is being contented with the things that life has provided you.

I would say that to be a frugal person takes a lot of effort espacially if you are not brought up to be frugal. But eventually one will learn how to become one. The very first step to be frugal is to enjoy to the fullest the very things you possess, before acquire similar or the same item. To achieve it you need to have mentors that will guide you to become financially independent, joining the Truly Rich Club is very beneficial to me.