Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Being frugal is being an earth saver.

To save money or to be frugal means we are also taking part in saving the earth.

Every time we buy something we are not only consuming the item and other things that goes with it. All of those activity from the extraction of the raw materials to the process of manufacturing to produce say for example your flat screen TV are included in the price it cost you.

However, consciously or unconsciously we are not aware that during the process of manufacturing that certain product their are environmental cost that are not included like the pollution and waste it produces. We the consumers are the one paying and suffering for- the effects of pollution that lead to lung diseases, cancer, respiratory problems desertification, flooding, etc.

Every time we get money from our pocket we are helping the planet to look what it is now- and the way it will look in the coming generations. According to Pogo " We have meet the enemy and he is us". We should not be puzzled why the planet is polluted. we are the very culprit because of our demand for more, better and different stuff.

Saving money then is a major thing we can do for ourselves and mother earth. A form of creative frugality - for our wallets and our world.

The kinds of changes we may all need to keep  the environment viable will require some deliberate and courageous modifications of our current habits.

we must be active to choose a non-polluting pleasure and have twice the fulfillment- We must always remember that anything you buy and don't use, anything  you throw away, anything you consume and don't enjoy is money down the drain and wasting the finite resources of the planet.

Frugality then is one sure way to help build a better world.

-Source: Your money or Your life by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez

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