Sunday, March 24, 2013

Powertalk: Find Your Emotional Why.

A talk Finding your emotional WHY, shared by Bo Sanchez to the Truly Rich Club members.

My Personal Notes of the talk.

You can change anything in our life. One reason why you cannot achieve our goal? Because you have not found a powerful emotional WHY. WHY=Hunger. You dream  of earning 100,000 pesos a month, but month after month. Year after Year. you are stock on the same income. The reason is: YOU have not found your emotional WHY.
     Wealth is not money. it is love, service and relationship.

My Realizations:

        I realize that earning my dream income of 150,000 a month by December 2014 is not impossible. I just got to have these powerful WHY that hunger. And believe that nothing-nothing is impossible. people who living the life of their dream have a very powerful reason why they have to achieve their dream. Our reasons should be beyond our selves.

My Actions:
  I have created my powerful emotional WHY. I read it everyday to remind me of the dream I have to achieve.

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