Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Attendance to the Wealth Summit 2013

The Wealth Summit 2013.

I and my husband attended the wealth Summit 2013 last march 1-3 at PICC Manila.The summit was very enriching. The main theme is Becoming a Superhero of Abundance. We flew all the way from General Santos for the summit.
But before I'm gonna talk about the content of the wealth summit. I would like to briefly say something about my journey in attending the summit. There was an invitation send to my email by Bo Sanchez for the summit the initial cost would only be  14,950 for early registration. At these time we don't have cash on hand since we just got married last December 2012. And we have a burning desire to attend the Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit. Another thing is we don't want to borrow money from money lender since interest is so high. So we decided to do something, we've never done before. We decided to cut a portion of our stock investment. Since we believe that attending the wealth summit has far reaching benefits. Indeed change in my husband mindset is should I say the biggest thing I harvest at the wealth summit.

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