Sunday, March 17, 2013

Part 2. Create Money Machines: Truly Rich Club Powertalks

Bo Sanchez says that their are 2 elements of Financial wealth, First the mindset to create money and the ability to create money. If for example all the wealth in the world will be confiscated and then it will be equally  distributed to all people. After five years there is only one thing that will happen, all these money will go back to those originally have them because they are the people who have the mindset and the ability to create money.

Being a member of the Truly Rich Club has given me the mindset to create money. That having wealth is not a contest that only those who arrive first will have it. It gives me the mindset that their is wealth for everyone who is willing to work for it.

Money machines comes in two kinds. First is manual, where you exchange your time for money. I can say that I have a manual money machines. My salary is a manual money machine, as long as I go to work everyday. I can always have my salary. The second type of money machine is automatic. Like paper asset such as the Philippine Stock market.  These automatic form of making money is the one that will bring you fortune, there is no limit to its capacity. Money is the one working, money doesn't take a vacation. It works 24/7.

One of the privileges of a Truly Rich Club member is you got a weekly update of the Philippine stock market. It is through the Truly Rich Club that I go to investing in the Philippine stock market. Why is these automatic? The money that I invested in the Philippine stock market is the one working for me. It bring back dividends which I used to invest again.

The other money machine I have is from my affiliate sale from the Truly Rich Club. Just these February 2013, I got my first Truly Rich Club commission of 5,000 pesos I was so happy. I just invited people to join the club. And as long as they continue to pay every single month, I always get commission every single month. Isn't that great to make money online?

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