Monday, March 11, 2013

Tithing Journey

Before I even become a member of the Truly Rich Club, I have been tithing. Back in 2006, when I am pursuing my masters degree, I am making ends meet. I am very eager to find a part-time job to augment my allowance for my studies. On one occasion I was on my cousins room I grab a book entitled Health and Home. Then open a page at randomly it lead me to the story about the man named "Colgate" it stresses the tithing habit of the man and how God blesses him that almost every store has his name on it. I was so moved by his story.

Since then I am patiently tithing. And my belief of the fruits of tithing increased when I become a member of the Truly Rich Club where Bo Sanchez stresses always that Tithing is not for God because God is the owner of everything. It is for the very person tithing. Because when one tithes he creates a space to be filled with more.

Indeed I can say the wonders of tithing. I can still remember back in my Masteral days my 10% is only 150 pesos. These is an allowance for being a student assistant in the Graduate School. I usually receive my allowance on Thursday afternoon and when Sunday comes the only money left is 150 pesos. But still despite of that I close my eyes and give my rightful tithes. During my whole time when I was studying away from home, God always provides my need. At that time my prayer is that my monthly allowance will be my tithe in the next year or 2. And indeed God Hears me. I was hired in a Government State University. After three years in the service I was then promoted to a higher pay. God is very good all the time.


There are times when things are tough. But the wealth strategies and God whispers I receive from the Truly Rich Club has keep me going.

And until these very day tithing has become a lifeblood. My prayer is that my gross salary today will be my tithe in a year or two. That these will make me even more Generous not only with my money but with my time, ideas and appreciation to others.

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