Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our first day at the Wealth Summit 2013

The first day was great, upon our arrival to the hall we are greeted by superheroes. the usherettes are on a superhero costumes.

Before the whole conference started a morning worship was led by Mike Vinas.

The first speaker was Bro. Bo Sanchez sharing about "How to Become a Superhero of Abundance". He emphasizes that God wants us to be superheroes that there is ultimately nothing wrong to be rich. To be a superhero there are skills to master. First is learn how to produce wealth and reproduce wealth.

There are two types of wealth generators the hunters and the ranchers. the hunters: hunt food and feast, hunt and feast.... The ranchers: hunt, consumes some and keep some.

The next speaker is Miriam Quiambao, it was  my first time to see the 1999 Ms. Universe 1st runner-up in person. She is very tall and pretty. She talks about her life, about how did she fall and rise again in all areas of her life. In fact on her talk I knew that she was ones an active member of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon of which I also once served.

The MLM guests are very inspiring especially Ivy of USANA she worked her way up. She further emphasizes to focus on the rewards and not on the obstacles.

The mid afternoon talk is about how to have a Superhero Career. One must have the burning passion and purpose, involvement, humility and shared responsibility.

The Billionaire Edward Lee also share his simple formula to abundance. Income-investments=expenses.

By the first day alone I am filled by awesomeness of the speakers, they are superheroes on their field. It made me realize that they too are also human beings with two arms and legs. And is given the same amount of time as what is given to me. I am very privileged to be with and surrounded by superheroes and to be member of the Truly Rich Club.


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