Monday, April 8, 2013

How to have a Beakthrough

My personal notes, realizations and actions from the talk given by Bo Sanchez to the Truly Rich Club members entitled "How to have a Breakthrough".

Breakthrough. Punch the barrier and nothing happens, punch the barrier and nothing happens.
Continue to do the right thing. Nothing is impossible with God.
Keep on planting, keep on planting.
If you plant hatred, you harvest hatred. If you plant love you harvest love.
However, there is a delay, it doesn't mean if you plant you harvest... One should plant-plant-plant...

2 seasons in these universe
1. Planting season.
     One is chasing, running after blessings.
2. Harvest season
     Blessings is running, chasing after you.

Two things to get into the harvest season
1. Even if you do not see the results keep on planting.
2. Plant the seeds in the right environment.
     One should always have a "blessing mindset". In addition to "blessing mindset" one should show up.
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I realize that success in any areas of our life is like a farm. We must plant-plant-plant, and wait before we can harvest. Even nature is persistent until breakthrough happens. If it is honesty we wanted then we must plant honesty. If we want financial success then we must plant good seeds of investments and business. However, not all seeds will provide us a good harvest. hence we must diversify our crops.

I will persevere more in doing my affiliate marketing of Truly Rich Club. I will continue promoting in different forums and making lots of post. I will punch the barrier again and again and again.. I am doing these because I want other people to have the change of mindset like the one I am experiencing from the Truly Rich Club. I should faithful everyday and maintain a "blessing mindset" knowing that blessings is already on the way.
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