Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Love yourself

These is a powertalk shared by Bo Sanchez to Truly Rich Club members.

The greatest love of all is Gods love for us.

Seven reasons why you need to love yourself.
1. Because God loves you
2. Because God made you
3. Because God lives in you
4. God has a glorious destiny for your life.
5. God wants you to love yourself.
6. Because you will be able to love others if you love yourself.
7. You'll be happy only if you love yourself.

So how can we love our self? here are ten ways were we can love our self.
1. Greet yourself with happiness & affections
2. Accept yourself as you are
3. Forgive yourself.
4. Nurture & nourish yourself.
5. Set your boundaries.
6. Affirm your self.
7. Invest in great relationship
8. Keep growing
9. Follow your dreams
10. Serve others who need your love

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Loving ones self is not easy to achieve. However, we have to learn to love yourself so that we can also love others. We can only give what we have.


In my personal reflection about the talk, I am already loving myself like I always affirm my self, I invest in self education, in establishing great relationships.

However, there are ways where i want to strengthen in setting boundaries. I will be tough in saying No to things that are NO and will never compromise half- way.

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