Saturday, November 10, 2012

One way to save money: take care of what you have.

If there is one thing that we wanted to save, it would be the ultimate thing that we possess: our body all of us just got one, so if there is one thing that we want to last it would be our bodies.

Paying attention to preventive practices will save us a lot of money. Daily exercise like walking, flossing and brushing your teeth, these simple daily routine can help us save more in the future.

Eating vegetables and fruits refraining from the three white poisons: salt, sugar & flour will refrain us from expensive medical procedures. These can even help us live a long and healthy lives.

Doing the same extra care to all our other possessions will bring us the same favorable results. Regular house cleaning will result to none purchase of unhealthy and expensive pesticides. Using your ball pen until the ink runs out will save you from buying a new one.
                                           Take care of your body.

Humans always thought that their will always be more... more space in the ocean thinking that if we pollute these small little portion it will not matter in the ocean as a whole. If we cut the trees in the forest... we thought there are still more forest somewhere. Unfortunately, these is not how things work. Although mother earth, has its own healing strategy - there are always limits to all of these.

Hence, we must be aware that there are limits to everything, having more doesn't necessarily mean better.

Taking care of all our possessions is a best wealth strategy. Doing these will lead us to accumulate more of what we already have.

However, enriching our own personal value as in individual will bring us more wealth. In my personal experience I join the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez, it helps me gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance.

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