Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make your money work for you.

Harv Eker says in his book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind "Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money".

Working hard for your money is as much more important as to make our money work hard for us. Working hard alone is not enough, there are a lot of people working very hard, all day and all night,  but are they rich? i don't think so, working hard alone is not enough we must develop the art of working smart.

Money is energy, the rich realize the value of working hard first for money, and then manage the money well, so it wont loose in their hands. Look for investment vehicle that will make more money for them, in a way that they don't have to be physically attending it to make them more money until one achieves a financial freedom. Where one does not work for money but working because its a choice and not a necessity.
Money working hard for you.

Rich people has a lot of passive income, one of these are stocks. The Philippine stocks now are so aggressive, the shares i brought a two years ago, are now 20 - 30 percent up. These is so amazing, i don't have to exert any work to get an increase of my stock shares.

Another form of passive income is business working for you like real estate rentals. The rich focus on buying assets, things that will likely to go up in value.

Having passive income will liberate you from 8-5 jobs.

Developing passive income is not enough one must have control of the fruits of the passive income, buying things for immediate gratification is nothing more than a futile attempt make up for our dissatisfaction in life. we must develop the skills of delayed gratification for the better.

Its so amazing that rich people have a lot of money and spend a little, while poor people have a little money and spend a lot.

Consider each dollars to be investment soldiers and their mission is freedom. but how do we arrive from our present situation to someone who has investments? the trick is to get educated learn about the investment world. Read your way out.

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