Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to grow your finances?

Bro Bo Sanchez shares a power talk to all Truly Rich Club Members.

Here is my personal notes from these talk.

Say this out Load I'm Wealthy & Generous.

Important belief to change your financial life
1. God loves to bless me with good things.
2. God has provided every blessings in the universe.
3. God wants me not to seek wealth not for the wealth sake but for the divine purpose of wealth.
                      The purpose of wealth is LOVE.
4. To be rich or to be poor is a choice that God leaves up to me.

I'm wealth & generous say these every morning.

1. The truly rich tithe to the Lord and generous to the poor.
     Give 10% of your income to the Lord. the Law of reciprocity what you give you will receive.
2. The truly rich strive to learn more and surround yourself with mentors.
3. The truly rich financial goals.
4. The truly rich always live below there means and have no bad debts.
5. The truly rich prefer profits than wages.


These what I am always grateful of being a truly rich club member. I have mentors that always reminded me of the things I already know but is not bringing it into action. As what Bro Bo always says that there are people that needs marination. hence, I am constantly marinated I brought myself to act little by little: like investing in the stock market, which is heavily advised to all truly rich club members... although small amount every month as long as it is done constantly for a long period of time, it will surely will make a difference. Not only to me but to all people I love.

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